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Abbreviations used

Welding - some vital stats.

Vertical-up T-fillet on >=15mm plate,
my maximum productivities


Welding style - technical

MIG welding, where an invariant {machine, wire, gas} offers a huge range of control, has two main groupings of welders-the-persons

I am a "technical" welder in the former group. Example (z8 t12, machine part):

Also see "T-butt plates" in "MIG/GMAW weld examples" shortly.

With SMAW ("stick"), etc, I do optimise, looking technically at the task, with good results.

MIG/GMAW weld examples


Quick "EXC2" full-penetration double bevel

T-butt plates

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Full-penetration single-bevel. My specification agreed for gap-fill to sound welds.
Gas is Ar-20%CO2 so spatter unavoidable (did point-out Ar-15%CO2 falls within "M21" classification)

RHS full-penetration butt-weld

Rectangular Hollow Section end-to-end butt. Full-strength. Mill-scale spalling is deformation of RHS metal in bending test while weld unaffected. Beam-load max. = yield+50%.

other welding credentials

SMAW 6010 cellulosic - full-pen. boat superstructure

Boat superstructure plating to flush finish - 5X to 10X productivity gain.

Welding Technical

Dependable MIG/GMAW welds

Done in workshop validating weld (use Iodine etchant - low-hazard)

MIG/GMAW datalogging

Done in 2011 from data-buffer files taken from a "weld monitor".

Vastly cheaper than had ever been done before at that date.

Dip transfer

Spray transfer

Lincoln's "RapidArc"

Fillet weld strength

Customers meetings get rapid good outcomes if you are the master of these things...

Strength in tension measured

Weld overload fracture under tension.

FEA of weld cross-section, showing why break is along "longitudinal" weld-leg.

FEA of weld region, examining structural behaviour under load (deflection exaggerated 40X).

Beam calculations to optimise a structure

Drilling platform

Orthotropic Panel - FEA to understand weld behaviour

Orthotropic panel, as used in ships and bridges.
Panel analysed to understand the stresses on its welds.

Steel fabricating, plating, assembly, steel-erecting

Using a hydraulic cylinder to pull plate for straightening

Slogging spanner and breaker-bar for less-usual bolt and nut size.
Was appreciated for giving control of task working in confined spaces.

Flame-straightening welds

"Triangulating" while welding

steel-erecting - steel to location where crane cannot reach

Working on the 3rd Bosphorus Bridge project in Turkey
Looking across the Bosphorus from Europe to Asia.

Metal fatigue in cyclic loads

Fatigue crack at early stage, initiating from inner end of weld toe-intrustion - as expectated

On the 3rd Bosphorus Bridge project, I represented Hyundai, the lead contractor, on all metal-fatigue matters. No pictures available. For each claim of a fatigue endurance problem selected to be difficult to disprove, I designed a rapid fatigue-test to disprove it.
Very long story of my work on the 3rd Bosphorus Bridge project .

Non-Destructive Testing of welds

Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI)

Simple but very effective application using a "C"-shaped permanent magnet.

ACFM - an eddy-current variant

No picture of the technique and method.
Application of ACFM to inspect a crane .


Complex alloys oil and gas industry component. Sent to help RT.
Worked with a "Level 3" RT expert to design the technique.

Ultrasonic Testing

Looking after my employer. To NDT company,
"Right, if it'll detect that defect, it'll show this test-target" - sketch shown.
Test block took minutes to make. Method couldn't.

I do a lot of like interventions.

In summary

I hope you have enjoyed this brief tour of some of my skills.
Reply to introductory email or phone and we can discuss opportunities.

(R. Smith, 16Mar2021-18Mar2021)