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Euler-Bernoulli beam calculations applied

to structures made

Use of Euler-Bernoulli beam calculations for structures.

on-line beam calculator

My web-based Euler-Bernoulli Rectangular Hollow Section beam calculator

beam stress <=> deflection equations

Where the answer is provided by the relation of stress and deflection , the Second Moment of Area "I" (the "bedrock" of beam analysis equations) has cross-cancelled out giving these single simple equations.
In one application checking for acceptable loading on an in-service beam about which nothing is known, all information needed can be gleaned using a string and a tape-measure.

Steel structures

Welded steel structures performance and testing

Weld | Rectangular Hollow Section tests

The November 2020 series of 3 mini-projects

Done over 17 days, these 3 projects form a progression. Various objectives were served:

The three projects:

Beam-configuration fillet-weld tensile-test rig

First working on 22nd January 2021; able to take every sample breaking abruptly at highest load reached - tough unrestricted-application

This is a fillet weld tensile strength test technique .

Overview of the four mid-Nov2020 to mid-Jan2021 tests

Conveying the more human story intertwining the technical story in an overview and path of the late 2020 / early 2021 series of mini-programmes

FEA modelling of the fillet-weld tensile test

Application of Finite Element Analysis (FEA) modelling - representing in a parallel universe of theory and numbers FEA of the beam-configuration fillet-weld tensile test

Just modelled and not carefully considered yet - so presented advisedly - 3-D FEA of the BCFWTT weld area .

Compiling the findings from the fillet-weld tests

Fillet welds are an interesting topic because the designer is free to specify size, and other features, while the optimal choice does not inherently "suggest itself". They are economical and reliable to make, so understanding them by investigation can present good engineering choices.

Findings and analysis for fillet welds

Proposal to research welded high-strength steel cyclic-loaded structures

In January 2021, I present
Proposal : research path to high-strength steel fatigue-resistant welded structures
which seeks a host for this investigative programme aiming to make use of the observation that fillet welds can show fatigue resistances approaching those of the steels they are joining.

Aluminium structures

Aluminium BCFWTT FEA-3D simulation

For the Beam-Configuration Fillet-Weld Tensile Test, previously 3-D Finite Element Analysis modelled for a tested steel sample,
now complimented by model of a hypothetical geometrically identical aluminium BCFWTT sample.

Unusual structures investigations

FEA3D of BCFWTT for range of Poisson's Ratios

Finite Element Analysis modelling of Beam-Configuration Fillet-Weld Tensile Test, where the same geometry and loading is retained, but the Poisson's Ratio is varied across a wide range: FEA3D of BCFWTT for range of Poisson's Ratios .
It is demonstrated that Poisson's Ratio in the range of all engineering metals and alloys has little effect on the BCFWTT stresses and deflections.
Which means one simulation of the BCFWTT is needed, as stresses stay the same for all metals under the same load, and deflections can be calculated as a ratio of the Elastic Modulii of the metals.
{no verification by tests on real samples of other metals has yet been obtained}.